Battlefield 4 Beta Download

While DICE has been hard at work in bringing the next iteration of the highly-rated shooter franchise, it seems we have discovered a gem in Youtube that any fan from the Battlefield series should not miss out.
A user by the name “MongolFPS” has uploaded a new Battlefield 3 montage showing his brilliant aiming skills in the most difficult of situations.
It does look like he is using an aimbot considering how perfect some of the shots are. But, we never know.

Here’s how Battlefield 4 will look like in a video

Battlefield 4 is the upcoming addition of the Battlefield series and the sequel to Battlefield 3. It was first announced by the president of Electronic Arts, Frank Gibeau through press release. The game was first revealed by a pre-order listing found on the Origin Client.
When starting with the shooter genre you will see a banner listing Medal of Honor: Warfighter, with an exclusive pre-order offer for the Battlefield 4 beta as seen here. EA later confirmed this and that the beta for Battlefield 4 will take place in Fall 2013.
If you’re interested to try it out, the only way to get into the beta is to pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Don’t worry though, DICE has mentioned that there may be other ways in the future.
The new Battlefield will most-likely take place 3 or 5 years after the events in Battlefield 3. It has been confirmed that it will take place in a modern setting.