FIFA 14 Android Apk Free Download

The FIFA franchise celebrates its 20th birthday this year, though its mobile form is still in its infancy. For FIFA elitists, such as myself, the mobile version has been casually glanced over, but it’s gotten its hooks into many with 1 billion game sessions surpassed as of a couple of weeks ago. So with that statistic in mind, we were eager to try out FIFA 14 Mobile when given the chance to see how it plays and how the new control scheme works out.

If you’ve played FIFA Mobile games in the past, the first thing that you’ll notice, once you get into a game that is, is that the control overlay is gone. Commands are issued by tapping to pass or tackle, sliding to shoot or slide tackle, or holding and dragging for control over individual players. Movement of the player in possession is handled by the A.I., allowing you to focus on passing plays, getting players into position, making space by distracting markers and finishing off the chances that you’ve worked to create.

This control scheme is intuitive, very easy to pick up and responsive. There’s also some depth to be found here as passes can be put into open territory and shooting can be tweaked based on your slide; curl can be added, power shots can be struck or players can attempt to place the ball into the top corner with some finesse. Personally, I’m a fan of creating space and using passes to unlock defences so being able to control these off the ball runs and put passes into space is ideal. However, if you are more of a traditionalist, you can still go back to the D-pad and overlay.

The mobile version will emulate the console version somewhat with all licensed teams appearing in the game, the return of Ultimate Team and five commentary packs, which will be available as free DLC. Players will also get access to Match Day, which sees players’ attributes fluctuate based on real life performances, and Games of the Week.

Naturally, mobile devices don’t have the same power as consoles and PCs, so don’t expect too many of the players to resemble their virtual or real life counterparts. A couple of graphical anomalies cropped up during our hands-on time, but it never took away from the enjoyment of the game itself.

FIFA 14 Mobile is an enjoyable game that provides a different experience to its console-based brethren. As FIFA’s commentary team has been telling us for years, “Pass and move is the fabric of the game,” and this is exactly what players are tasked with here. While not being in control of the player in possession may be unusual for some FIFA players, it doesn’t take away from the rewarding feeling of scoring a highlight-reel worthy goal after building up play, working the ball into space and firing off a well-placed shot.


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