1. 4.3 update file : Click here - 

2. MINI SDK package attached here : 

3. Windows PC (Win 7/8) I have not tried on windows XP or lower

4. Nexus 4 drivers installed on the PC

5. Ensure you have adequate battery life on the phone ( atleast 50%)

Steps to Install:

1. Unzip the contents of the mini SDK package to the root of your C drive

2. Move the 4.3 update file downloaded in step 1 to the mini SDK folder

3. Rename the update package to (ensure that you can see the file extension in windows before renaming so that the file is named correctly)

4. Open command prompt on windows

5. Type in the command : cd C:\mini-sdk

6. Boot your phone in Fastboot mode and then go to recovery

7. In recovery select the option "apply update from ADB "

The screen will then show a message : Now send the package you want to apply to the device with ' adb sideload <filename>".....

8. Back on your PC type in the command : adb sideload

9. The phone will display certain messages and will update itself in the background

10. Wait till the update is complete and Enjoy 4.3


1. You will NOT loose your data

2. This can be used only on STOCK recovery

3. It will work on UNLOCKED bootloader