Latest leaks on budget iPhone 5C

Talking about upcoming Apple hardware is tricky for a number of reasons. Beyond dealing with unknowns about design and technical details, we’re often at a loss for what to even call the products. With a company like Samsung, we can bet pretty confidently that next year’s flagship will be the Galaxy S 5, but with Apple, that’s a lot trickier. Will the next phone be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6? And after dropping numbers from last year’s (second) iPad, will we ever see them return? One mystery along these lines was the existence of a plastic, budget iPhone model; what would this one be called? So far we’ve been without much of a clue, but a new leak suggests the phone could arrive as the iPhone 5C.
If we’re to believe this image, that bin up there is meant to be part of the packaging for this budget iPhone. Based on all the differently colored hardware we’ve seen in various leaks, the C in 5C could well be intended to reflect the colorful nature of this handset.
This is the best, if not only evidence we’ve seen so far as to this phone’s name. A little corroboration would be lovely, but so far this one’s sounding relatively believable.