[New App] Sleeep As Android Download

Sleep as Android is an accelerometer-based sleep cycle tracker app that includes a nice assortment of helpful sleep aids, including lullaby mode, sleep noise recording, lucid dreaming detection audio and a Captcha test to see if you are actually awake. Perhaps even more intriguing is that based on your sleep cycles, it knows just the right time to wake you up.

Well, here's an app that lets you do the same kind of in-depth data-crunching on another element of life: sleep patterns.
Sleep as Android is an accelerometer-based sleep cycle tracker that also includes some ingenious sleep aids.
This app takes personal analytics to the extreme -- and why not? Gaining understanding of complex habits and routines like exercise and sleep is a superb use of the excessive processing power of Android phones, the latest of which are likely not using all of their available power.

Urbandroid, the publisher of the Sleep as Android app, explains in its pitch that normal alarm clocks don't take into account sleep cycles. They just wake you up at a preset time that ignores whether you are in deep sleep or not. Waking abruptly from deep sleep, Urbandroid says on its website, can be unpleasant and make you groggy.
This product promises to track your sleep at night and to choose the optimal, light sleeping time to wake you. Using it is comparable to waking without an alarm clock, Urbandroid says.

Sleep aids like lullabies are also included. In fact, the feature set is almost more interesting than the conceivably dry sleep deficit and deep sleep tracking analytics, and the aids promise nights of fun.
Aids I have discovered thus far include an insistent time-to-bed notification -- the app reckons it knows when you should go to bed; lullaby mode, with babbling brook audio and others; gentle alarms; sleep noise recording; special lucid dreaming detection audio; and a Captcha test to see if you are actually awake.
Among the add-ons I've tried is the $0.99 Sleep Lullaby pack, which features 15 different sleep environments, including "War march": soft drumming and a flute in a civil war theme. 
For more detailed graphical statistics there's also the $1.49 SleepStats add-on, which offers weekday/weekend filtering and heat maps to translate numbers into stunning graphs.

Conclusion :

I am going to persist with this app. Entertainment for tonight is going to include recording my partner's snoring -- she says it's me.
If you have difficulty sleeping, this app is worth a shot. A lot of imagination has gone into it, and it is based on scientifically proven methods.
It's a case of the more information you can garner about sleep habits, the more you can correct problems. I'm looking forward to seeing how my deep sleep is affected by differing sleep environments over time, for one.