Nokia's 6inch "Phablet" leaked

Nokia just announced their largest screened device in history – the Nokia Lumia 625 – with a 4.7” display. Of course, when compared to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with a 5 or 6 inch screen, a category commonly referred to as “phablets”, the Lumia 625’s screen size pales in comparison. Back in April however,Financial Times had reported that the Finnish company do have plans to introduce a “phablet” to its Lumia range, likely to be coming by the end of the year.
Today Sina Weibo user @ictech posted an alleged image of a display panel of a large-screened Nokia Windows Phone device currently in production. Check it out below:
Nokia Phablet
The Sina Weibo user claims that the screen size is as large as 6-inches, placing it in the “phablet” category. In the photo the typical Windows Phone buttons can clearly be seen on the bottom panel, and in proportion it does seem to be a very large device.
No further details were given regarding the device, however it is safe to assume that the device will not launch until the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update is ready by the end of the year, which is rumored to support a high resolution 1080p screen