Top 5 must have Windows 8 apps

Must have windows 8 apps have been aimed at improving the user experience and will surely help the users to get the best out of their device. Windows store has these applications that include both free as well as paid apps. Some of these top Windows 8 apps are detailed below.

1. TuneIn

This app is placed right at the top among the must have windows 8 apps. It has become very popular and most of the radio listeners have this in their device. TuneIn is available for free and consists of most of the popular radio stations. These radio stations have been divided according to the regions and genres. There are thousands of stations available and all can be divided according to their language. This is a must have for all the radio listeners and it also supports podcasts.

2. Fhotoroom

It is one of the best photo editing apps and is available for free in the Windows store. Users get huge number of options and can easily play around with its simple interface. The basic options include resize, crop, and rotate. The sliding scales included in this app help in changing the color temperature and exposure value. Some of the other tools include sharpen and blur tools that can be tweaked. The shadow categories and lens flare also has dozens of options. There are Instagram style filters that help in pulling of pictures from different sources.

3. Nextgen Reader

This app has been designed keeping in mind both tablet as well as desktop users. The application looks very similar to a desktop feed reader because there are feeds continuously running down in left side of screen along with one reading pane at the right side. One just needs to tap the logo of the app and it will flip into a modern view. To use this app one requires Google Reader account and it is also important to manage subscriptions through their browsers. But all in all this is a well designed and fully featured reader.
Nextgen Reader

4. Account Tracker

People who like to manage their spending habits and have a track of their balances should use this app. It is surely one of the best must have windows 8 apps that acts as the perfect tracker of one’s accounts. The interface is simple and displays the summary of the personal accounts. It lists out the income, expenses, transfers, and refunds of the user. One can also find different pages for cash flow, spending, and budgets.
Account Tracker

5. AppSwitch

There are more and more apps coming up in Windows store. With the help of AppSwitch the users can search for an alternative app by typing the name of a familiar app. If there is no match available for their search then they will be redirected to some other app that can be similar in some or the other way. Having a look at the must have windows 8 apps one will surely consider this to be a must have.