Arena Of War Second D&D game APK free Download

Didn't realize there were Catholics in D&D.
In the Gygax Cathedral, apparently.
This was announced last week while I was on holiday, but we haven’t talked about it yet: there’s a new Dungeons & Dragons mobile game coming called Arena of War. It’s part of an event called “The Sundering” that’s happening in the D&D Forgotten Realms universe, crossing over between novels, comics, tabletop games, and this new iOS & Android game.
The big caveat with Arena of War is that it’s coming to us by way of Mobage, a publisher whose proper games credentials could do with a little burnishing. Okay, a lot of  burnishing. Arena of War will be a “3D battle roleplaying game” with MMO features, which suggests that it’s not just another one of Mobage’s reskinned digital CCGs. That’s a far cry from saying it’s going to be good, but different is a start.
Besides this business, D&D fans have Wizards of the Coast’s previously announced hook-up with Ascension makers Playdek to look forward too — though we’re still waiting to hear concrete details about that one.
The central axis for the whole Sundering transmedia whatsit is over here on the Wizards of the Coast site, and there’s a fairly spiffy video after the jump.