Canonical breaks crowdfunding record as Ubuntu crosses $10 Million, but fails to reach its target

Canonical’s Ubuntu-running Edge smartphone has set a new crowdfunding record by raising over $10 million in a campaign on Indiegogo, which is the maximum amount of money raised in pledges by a venture so far surpassing Pebble Watch from last year, BBC reports.

Despite that, the company is unlikely to benefit from it as it had set the funding goal of $32 million to be achieved by August 21. Now with only six days left for its campaign to get over, the company will have no other option but to return the funds if it fails to raise over $20 million to reach its target.

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth believes that the project had received high interest from public as well as from developers and manufacturers. “The campaign has sparked a level of interest that has surprised even us,” he has been quoted saying. Also, Shuttleworth added that some of the large manufacturers had even shown interest in the device and came to discuss it with him. Newswire service Bloomberg, which believed that the device will influence the future of the mobile computing, made a contribution of $80,000 to the campaign.

Had it been successful in raising enough funds, Canonical would have aimed to deliver 40,000 handsets to qualifying backers by next May. It had asked for $600 on the first day of the launch of the campaign and $830 on the remaining days of the campaign to secure a handset.