Create Memes the easy way with Meme - Generator for Windows 8

Want to make a quick meme, but too lazy to go to a website to do the task? Well you are definitely not alone. While there are plenty of websites and apps that let you accomplish this job, there is quite a dearth of apps for the desktop with good compilation of memes in a one place.

Meme-Generator, a modern UI app for Windows 8 actually luckily saves the day for us. Boasting a mighty collection of over 200 memes, this is a must have if you want to throw memes at your friends at will.
meme generator windows 8


Just what you expect of a decent meme creator, Meme-Generator sports the following
  • Collection of over 200 memes
  • Share memes over Facebook, Twitter or save Image locally
  • Clean design , very easy to use
  • Support for Custom Images
  • Works Offline!

The App

meme collection
The collection of the memes is downright impressive and will surprise you to see so many memes that have not been used before. However I missed Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s  everywhere meme. Perhaps I am just nit-picking to the hilt.
ui meme generator
Using Meme-Generator is pretty much a no brainer in part thanks to the simple and intuitive design. Just select your meme, add the text and you are good to go.
sharing in meme generator
Sharing also works pretty well and a wide variety of apps are actually supported. You can even upload the memes directly to your cloud service provider if you have apps like File Brick installed.
If you are a fan of creating your own memes, then you will perhaps have mixed feelings towards the app, in part because of the inability to mix and match the standard memes with your own images to create custom memes. However, the ability to add bottom and top text to your own images somewhat makes up for this.


At 25 MB, the app download size is slightly bloated, but it more than makes it up with it’s ease of use and vast collection of memes. A must have on your Windows 8 PC/ Tablet if you even remotely like creating memes.