Download Delta-V Racing apk for free

Spacehopper Studios has released a new racing game onto Android today which they are describing as the classic WipeOutgame reborn. Officially titled Delta-V Racing, this particular racing game has a retro flare to its visuals which you can check out while racing through the different tracks this game comes with. There is also a complete original soundtrack by UK Industrial Breakbeat musician DeathBoy.
Delta-V Racing is pretty much what you would expect it to be. Players will be racing against computer AI opponents or other player's Ghosts to see who can come in first place. You'll need to not only drive fast but tactically as everyone will have their fair share of weaponry to use. This also means you will be able to shoot down the competition as well.
Delta-V Racing Features:
• Race against friend’s Ghosts in all 36 events – watch them crash and burn!
• 4 tournaments split across 36 events, all with multiple routes to victory.
• 7 distinct event types including Race, Elimination, Collector, Time Trials...
• 8 awesome offensive and defensive power ups (Cannon, Spread, Laser, Mine, Missiles, Force Field, Boost, Phase Shift.
• Work your way through 8 unique ships, each with different performance, defense, and load-out capabilities.
• Advanced AI that is just waiting for you to slip up.
• Precise controls that have been designed from the ground up for touch screens.
• Cloud saving. Uses your Google+ ID to keep your progress across multiple devices.
• Get that quick adrenaline fix or settle in for a full-on, nerve fraying session.
• High definition graphics for Nexus 10
There is a bit more customizing available in this game then WipeOut had and there is plenty of content available to race through as well. For those of you interested in checking this game out, you can download a copy of Delta-V Racing off of Google Play for $0.99.
To Download for free, CLICK HERE,