Now Open apps through Pattern Unlock

Google has filed for a patent on the ability to launch apps through the pattern unlock security mode on Android, which if implemented would make the OS’ lockscreen more productive than it currently is. 
Manufacturer skins and custom ROMs on Android have allowed users to launch various apps right from the lockscreen for quite some time, and Google might be looking to one up that feature by introducing the ability to complement the pattern unlock mode on Android with customized patterns that launch specific apps, such as the camera or dialer.
It’s a simple but sweet concept – it will allow users to keep their phone secure yet still have the comfort of being able to launch apps without unlocking the phone. Google implemented the ability to view the notifications shade from the lockscreen in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and the advanced pattern unlock looks to be another attempt at making the lockscreen more productive.
However, patent applications don’t always mean the patented feature will actually be implemented. I guess we can put our hopes on seeing the improved pattern unlock in the next major Android update, though knowing Google, it will probably be a while before it’s implemented on a satisfactory level.