Download Instagram for Windows Phone 8 Free

Instagram is finally making its way to Windows Phone
Instagram is finally making its way to Windows Phone (Photo : Reuters)
The long wait is over for Windows Phone users who have been craving to use  Instagram on their Nokia handsets as the Finnish maker announced the arrival of the popular photo sharing app "in due time."
All selfies can take a breath of relief as the most popular photo sharing app is finally making its way to the Windows Phone platform. It has long been rumored that Instagram will be made available on Nokia devices but there has been no confirmation, until now. The Finnish maker's executive vice president Chris Weber has confirmed that Facebook-owned online photo-sharing app will be released on Windows Phone devices "in due time," reports a tech news site, IntoMobile.
Instagram was first launched on iOS platform before it was shared with Android users in April last year. It sparked a worldwide controversy and many users even took  to Twitter to express their repulsion, but with time everything faded. The app quickly gained huge popularity after being available on the two most dominating platforms in the world.
Now, the official Instagram app will be launched on yet another famous mobile platform, Windows Phone. Nokia users have long craved for Instagram to be made available to them, but in the mean time, they filled the void with third party apps such as 6tagramFhotoroomInstance and others.
Weber did not confirm the release date for Instagram on Windows app store. So it may be a little longer before Windows Phone users start tagging their new photos.
In addition to the popular photo sharing app, Nokia also plans to include Google maps, Vine, Pinterest, and Flipboard. The addition of new apps may act as a game-changer for Nokia, giving opportunities for other popular app makers to head in the same direction.
We will keep you updated as and when it is available for download.Till then watch this space.
Meanwhile you can download 6tag - the unofficial Instagram app on Windows which works the same way as Instagram.