New Notification Centre for Windows Phone

First and foremost, this is a concept which is highly influenced by another concept in the forums, but I don't know which one.
I do not take full credit for the idea, this is just my take.
To access the notifications, press any of the volume buttons at any time, in any app.
You get this if you have no music playing.
And this if you have music playing. It's basically the same as now, except for a notification indicator.
Here you just see how many items you have missed.
Swipe down on the three dots (or anywhere along the bottom) to reveal what apps the items belong to.
Press the item text to get a more detailed list of the notifications or press the app icon to launch the app.
Swipe on individual notifications to remove them.
Or remove all of the app's notifications.
That's pretty much it. You tap either the app icon or the individual notifications to get to the app or that part of the app.
What do you think? I think I would prefer this over the iOS/Android way, at least when music is playing as it won't be as long of a stretch for you (with phones getting bigger and bigger).