Physics based puzzle game Polarity is now available on Android

While you might not be able to enjoy the whole virtual reality thing with Polarity if you're playing it on your Android device, unless you tape your phone to your head, this game will still be rather enjoyable to play judging from what we have seen and played in the demo version. In this game you'll be playing as someone who is hired to hack into secure virtual worlds to steal data which you then exchange for cash.
This game features polarity switching which we've seen pop up on the rare occasion in other games such as Polara. You will need to switch your color to do a multitude of tasks ranging from opening gates to dodging various hazards and traps. There are all kinds of events going on in this game as well including rotating rooms and puzzles to solve.
If the Android version contains all the content that the Steam version of this game will have then we can expect to see 20 levels when the game is initially released. There is also the possibility that Polarity will have local co-op multiplayer as well. As for when this game will arrive on Google Play, the developer is looking to have it out hopefully within a month's time if all goes well.
If you have any questions for Blue Button Games, you can jump over to our forums and ask them there since the developers are looking for peoples opinions regarding the game. You can also try out a Flash demo of the game over on Kongregate and if you want to get this game on Steam, go leave a vote for it over on Steam Greenlight.
Download link will be made available as soon as possible.