Popular iOS game Dues Ex:The Fall from Square Enix is now available on Android

Having already been out on iOS for a short period, Square Enix will finally be bringing Deus Ex: The Fall to Android next month. According to a blog post over on the official Deus Ex website, the developers announce support for the iPad 2 before going over a bunch of details regarding that. After all the information there is a quick note at the bottom of the post announcing that the Android version is also on its way finally.
For those of you who have not been following the news regarding this game, Deus Ex: The Fall is a full addition to the franchise and is a full game, not just some companion application or mini-game. There are multiple ways to play the game with every action has a consequence and an almost open world style of gameplay where you can explore pretty much anywhere you want to.
When the iOS version arrived, Square Enix had made it so anyone running a jailbroken device couldn't fire any weapons in the game, essentially making the entire thing unplayable unless you don't mind wandering around aimlessly and dieing a whole lot. Eventually that got changed but it should be interesting to see if Square Enix does this for rooted Android phones. It's not like they haven't done similar things before but then turned around and changed it.
So when exactly well Android gamers finally be able to play Deus Ex: The Fall? Well there isn't an exact date announced just yet. Right now it is just a general September release window.

Download Link will be available soon.