Sequel to the popular dungeon crawler game Deprofundis is here

Thecle's rather popular hack 'n slash dungeon crawler called Deprofundis is getting a 2.0, or a sort of sequel, calledDeprofundis: Requiem. This new game will feature new HD graphics to enjoy while you're hacking up monsters and there are some very unique features that owners of the original game will want to know about.
While there isn't a whole lot of details right now on what all will come with Deprofundis: Requiem, we do know that due to the boost is graphics that potential game players will need to make sure they have a newer device. Also if you happen to have bought into the original game, your premium package and extra goodies will be made available in this new game as well. This also goes for everyone's current characters.
So while this will be a whole new game, currently players will be able to continue their adventures with their current characters from the original. We also know that, at least from what we've learned, there will be three chapters in this game. This doesn't include the possible Hardcore mode that may also makes its way into this game from the original as well.
Deprofundis: Requiem will be released in at least a beta version in about a month or so. We will, of course, update everyone when it becomes available. Considering this is being developed by one person, give the release time frame a little leeway.