Top Cutting Edge Futuristic Phone Concepts


LGs Flutter phone concept is eye-catching and truly futuristic. Thunique shape ofthe phone and itsleek, absurd yet stylish design looks like it's aimed at futurefashionistasLike haute couture that  isn't reallwearable, the Flutter doesn't lookverergonomic. Just press the circular Llogo at the bottom and the phonopensup like a hand-fanyou genothing but a touchscreen witsome icons, resemblingApples iOS interface. Close it, and you can accesthe metallic keypad.
Now, we aren't sure if you can usit to fan yourself, but the concept is cool, andlooks chic. When
closed, the device shows the clock, metallikeypad and circular Llogo /button


Ever wondered how an iPhone 8, 10 or 12 may look? Well, the next oour list is areally innovative iPhone Palm concept. This device completeladheres to Applestendency of shedding weight with every generation leap. You don't have to carry it inyour pockets, because the wearabldevice can be strapped around your wrist,and and uses a projector to projecthe homescreen onto your palm. You can use your fingers to navigate this projected display. The device also has a small touchscreen with some shortcut touch buttons.


This space-age phone-tablet concept is by Nokia. Called the E10, the device looks a little bulky, but we'll let that pass. It has a foldable display that can transform from a smartphone screen to a 6.5 x 4.0-inch tablet. The space-saving screen rolls out, yes you read that right, rolls out! It is rolled around a 6 mm axis and can be pulled out to function as a tablet. You can make phone calls, send text messages and mail on the smaller screen, and watch high-def pictures and video on the tablet mode by just unfolding the screen. The Nokia E10  phone-tablet is supported by three solar batteries that are complemented with a Lithium Ion battery. 


This concept phone’s USP is its innovative display, which has a metal band to divide the screen into two parts. This metal band slides across the screen to adjust the viewable area, and depending upon the usage, transforms the rest into a keypad, gaming control or media control. This means you can divide the screen into two parts to do two different tasks like watching a movie while checking your Facebook feed.


The Hook concept phone makes the most of the Windows Phone 8 OS. It is a small flat strip curvy enough to snugly fit on your wrist. It is accompanied by a cool, detachable belt too. The display looks quite crisp and thin as it shows the vivid tiled-interface. The smartphone is a blend of bendable displays and smartwatch design, which is predicted to be the fad in coming years. We're expected to be able to strap it on our wrists and answer calls, update social sites, and check emails. 


The Bend Mobile concept brings two screens in one phone. A screen slides out and almost doubles the size of the device. The device also shows camera zoom buttons, flash and the sound system. The device is curvy, has compartments for a sliding camera and other components.


This futuristic phone concept combines a wireless headset with a mobile phone. Built of multilayered polymer, all electronic components are layered inside the device. Give it a little squeeze and the mid appears as an earpiece that can be inserted into the ear, transforming it into a headset. The flexible screen has a layer of sensors that are capable of transmitting images from inside the phone to the outside. It acts like a chameleon with a layer of paint that can take up any colour. For instance, it almost masks to your face when you wear it and automatically disappears. Freaky, eh?


'Thin is in' when it comes to mobile devices, and the next futuristic phone is one of our favourites. This sleek pen is imaginatively called the One (we won't be surprised if HTC sues Samsung this time), and can easily fit in your pockets. It has a 6-inch flexible screen that can be pulled out, turning it into a full-fledged mobile device. You don't need to pull out the screen to view notifications, as a touchscreen embedded on the pen will show you all the notifications. Also featured on the device is a speaker, a camera and a charging dock. The flexible screen of the One can be pulled out and used as a camera viewfinder too if you turn on its camera. The concept shows the pen in white, but we think a dash of colour could make it look cooler. The big question here is how small is the battery and how long it would last. Samsung will have to make significant advances in battery technology to get this to hit commercial markets. Nevertheless, we are hopeful and would love to see this concept reach mainstream markets someday in the future.


The FlyIdea is yet another concept that gives you a peep into the probable future of smartphones. The phone concept shows a usual large- screen smartphone, but what sets it apart is the included dongle/earphone that can perform several functions. The dongle serves as a wireless earphone that synchronises with your device and lets you use the camera, control music and record videos. This means you can control several functions without even having to take the smartphone out of your pocket.


Designed by Erik Campbell, the Samsung bracelet phone is a wearable smart phone concept aimed at athletes and people with an adventurous streak. It has a flexible OLED touchscreen display, a tactile keypad and a split pad design to improve the air circulation and get rid of the sweat on your wrists. It lets you make calls, tweet, view YouTube and use GTalk.


Imagine a flexible strip that wraps around on your wrist and then straightens up to serve as a phone. The Philips ‘Fluid phone’ just wowed us with its high-resolution OLED display and wrapping ability; just like a very high-tech accessory. So no more heavy pockets, sweaty fingers, or holding the phone for long hours, as you can simply wear it all day long. The UI appears to be neat and modern, and it also has a PlayStation-style control pad and a tiled menu. If evolved further, this handy phone concept could be a stepping stone for generations of smartphones to come.


The P.C.O.D or Personal Communications and Organization Device concept is a lightweight wearable device with all the features of a smartphone. It features voice and video calls, and has all of the abilities of a digital planner. This wearable piece of tech features a 10-megapixel camera, 64GB of storage, an MP3 player, GPS, games, a calendar and claims to offer 24 hours of talktime. The sleek and stylish device can be worn on the wrist with straps of various colours. The device can be detached and used as a handheld smartphone too.