Windows Phone GDR3 update to bring UI changes, rotation lock and support for Nokia

Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone fans are eagerly awaiting the GDR2 update that has started to roll out. New details on some of the features of the GDR3 have emerged.
Unlike Apple and Android, Microsoft is taking its time with its latest smartphone platform when it comes to releasing updates with new features. The company has been releasing what it calls general distribution releases (GDR). GDR2, for instance, is bringing features like Xbox Music, which will make it easy for users to select, download and pin music. FM radio does what the name implies, i.e. allows users to listen to FM radio through the smartphone. Data Sense allows users to monitor their smartphone's data usage, with options to set limits based on their plan and keep track of which apps are using the most data. An update to Internet Explorer will, according to Microsoft, make the browsing experience "better than ever and will also include improved HTML 5 compatibility.
The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is currently testing GDR3, which has reportedly been designed for new hardware initially, notes the publication. The update will bring a new rotation lock feature, an updated user interface (UI) to its Live Tiles and a new driving mode feature that has been designed for use in vehicles.
The source claims that the rotation lock will officially be called "autorotate screen" and will be in the settings application, allowing users to turn off automatic rotation. This same feature has been a staple on iOS and Android. The source claims the reason for this feature is that new 5- and 6-inch Windows Phones will be hitting the market soon. In terms of user interface (UI), there will be slight redesigns to the network status icons, as well as added support for 1080p displays.
A feature Microsoft is working on might not be ready in time for its release. The company is testing a feature that will allow Windows Phone users to view texts messages via the web and on status icons, as well as added support for 1080p displays.
The Verge's source says that the GDR3 update is expected to be finalized in mid-September, just in time for Nokia's upcoming Windows Phone phablet.