A New Image Editing software now available on Google+ for the Web

Google+ users will be happy to learn that the social network now has more advanced image editing tools for those who like to give their photos a new look before sharing them with their friends and family. Alongside auto-enhancement (which automatically adjusts brightness, colors, saturation and sharpness to make photos look better), Google+ users can also make fine-tuned adjustments on specific parts of an image.
If you only want to apply changes to the sky or a lake, for instance, you can now do that. It’s all powered by Snapseed, the company Google bought out to bring more “oomph” to the photo features of Google+. There are also a lot of new filters to play around with, such as “vintage,” “drama,” and “retrolux.” You can take all of these for a spin by clicking the “Edit” button within a photo’s lightbox, and play to your heart’s content as you can undo any and all changes you make if you aren’t happy with them.
I should note that these features are only fully available in browsers based on Google Chrome, something that is possible thanks to Google’s Native Client technology, a solution that allows developers to run native X86 or ARM code within a web page.
Those not hip to Google Chrome will get the same tools they’ve always had, but they’ll be just a tad easier to find. The updates are rolling out in stages, so if you are not seeing them right away then be sure to try again later. Let us know how you’re liking the new features!