AirPlay Mirroring Coming to an Android

While CyanogenMod moved forward in becoming a company this week, there were worries that the tinkering days were over. This appears to not be the case as Koushik Dutta posted a video on his Google+ account demonstrating AirPlay Mirroring capabilities in CyanogenMod. For those that don’t know, the AirPlay Mirroring is a proprietary protocol of Apple’s that allows people to use compatible devices to push whatever their streaming in iOS to their HD TV through Apple TV.
While there are apps in the Play Store that can do this, this is the first that we’re seeing it built straight into the OS. As you’ll see from the video after the break, he’s mirroring through his HTC One. Koush hasn’t given a time frame other than “coming soon.” However, those of you who have an Apple TV and run CyanogenMod should rejoice as this will be another feature that adds convenience without the need for another app. Like it was said before, we have Koush’s video for you after the break.
source: Google+