Chromecast back in stock on the Play Store!

chromecast front aa
Better hurry before it sells out again!
The Chromecast has made a quiet return to the Play Store. According to the official Play Store page, it also ships in 1-2 business days.
Google’s Chromecast was met with wild fanfare upon launch, with it’s very attractive price point and ease of use. For YouTube fans, it’s the first low-cost streaming device able to meet their needs. Google ran out of stock quickly after launch, as did Best Buy and Amazon. Amazon notes the dongle“usually” ships in 7-10 days, and many Best Buy stores are out of stock, with in-store pickup available in 3-5 business days.
For once, the Play Store might just be your best option for getting your hands on the Chromecast. It’s a good sign that Google rectified their stock issue so quickly, as many (myself included) anticipated the stock to be out for quite some time, like the Nexus 4 debacle.
Currently, the Chromecast can stream content from your Chrome browser, or via apps like Netflix or YouTube. We’re still waiting for HBO GO — among others — to make their appearance on the dongle.