"Jolla says Sailfish OS"
Jolla has finally Joila declared that its Sailfish OS is now compatible with the Android platform. It has been some time since something substantial has been heard from Jolla and the MeeGo based Sailfish OS smartphone. However it is welcome news that the compatibility issues with the Android OS platform have been finally resolved.
The Sailfish OS is now fully compatible with the Android OS ecosystem. This includes compatibility with the Android apps which will be coming along with the hardware. So Sailfish will be fully compatible with the hardware which was made to run on the Android OS. This will be also true for smartphones as well as tablets. The company is rumored to be in talks with Asian companies after the recent tweaks which have made the Sailfish compatible with Android OS platform.
The recent tweaks have made it possible to run the Sailfish OS to run Android apps without any alteration from the end user. The apps which will run effortlessly include Instagram, WhatsApp and Spotify. However the devices will not be having access to Google Play and this is a pity.
Jolla took preorders way back in May and has rolled out all the preorders to the consumers by mid July across 136 countries. Jolla is going to start another session of preorders for its €399 handset later this week. This time the company is aiming for the Finnish Residents and will be playing to their sentiments especially after the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. .
It seems that the development of Sailfish OS and the first smartphone from Jolla is moving smoothly. The hardware looks ok and the compatibility of the device with Android hardware will make more manufacturers try the OS out in their devices. The Android compatibility will also pull in more consumers towards the Sailfish OS-powered handset.