Download link for Windows 8.1 update for Windows Phone for free

Windows Phone 8.1 to come with Notification Center, multi-tile select and Cortana virtual assistant?
Windows Phone 8.1 will likely be released next year and we’re already hearing about some features it will bring.
According to the website, the next version of Microsoft’s mobile platform will bring the much-rumored Notification Center, ability to select multiple tiles at once, and a Siri-like virtual assistant called Cortana.
Multi-tile select will match the same feature Windows 8.1 brings, making it easier to manage your homescreen, which should also include the Notifications tile (though we guess notifications will also be popping all around the place making sure you don’t miss a beat).
As for the mentioned virtual assistant, it takes its codename from Cortana, an artificially intelligent character in Microsoft’s Halo series who can learn and adapt. As such, this app/service will be able to learn and adapt, relying on machine-learning technology.
Meanwhile, we first have to see the GDR3 update for the platform and that one will likely be unveiled in the next few weeks, bringing support for faster quad-core chips, full HD screens and so on…
The Download Link will be provided soon...