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How a simple app made a small boy’s dream come true

After watching the trailer to Jonny Knoxville’s new flick, Bad Grandpa, I had a dream. And that dream was to develop an app to “make it rain”. Annoyingly, somebody had already beaten me to it. But at least now I get to MAKE IT RAIN whenever the hell I want.
For those of you thinking “why would you want to make it rain” let me provide the exact definition of what the term actually means.
“Make it rain: when you’re in da club with a stack of cash, and you throw the money up in the air at the dancers. The effect is that it seems to be raining money.” 

It’s all very hip-hop, darling…

In reality my bank account disagrees with the idea of making it rain – I’m no Master P, in this regard. Thankfully, there’s a free Android and iOS app for fellows like me, and it’s called: Go Make It Rain. 
The app, developed by Fireswing Studios, allows you to make it rain, virtually. Making full use of the phone’s camera the app creates an augmented reality in which you can ‘make it rain’ in six different currencies including the US dollar, the British pound sterling and in Euros. 
When you first fire up the app the only currency to make it rain with is the US dollar, but you don’t have to go through any in-app purchases to unlock the rest. To unlock any of the currencies available all you have to do is share the images you create via Facebook or Instagram. After making it rain on a random person on the train and sharing the image I was able to unlock the British pound and ever since, I have been throwing our beloved queen’s face over unsuspecting coworkers.
To date I have made it rain a lot – $5,257, to be exact. And I’ll continue to do it. Don't ask why – just download the application and start annoying your friends immediately