Download Total Conquest apk Free for android

Back at E3 Gameloft revealed plenty of their upcoming games and titles for Android, and one that was pretty popular is a new game called Total Conquest. With a similar feel to games we’ve seen before, you’ll be able to build, train, and control an entire Roman Empire and Army. Today they’ve confirmed it will launch later this month.
The game looks quite similar to Clash of the Clans, and is coming to Android and iOS devices soon. During the E3 unveil many suggested we’d see a late October or November release date, but today we’re happy to confirm that it will be arriving in the next two weeks. Get excited to train an entire army.
The game looks pretty awesome from our initial impressions, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays on our devices. With a similar feel to WarCraft and many of those other build and destroy type games, this should be a blast on Android. I can’t wait to give it a try on my Nexus 7.
According to the official @Gameloft Twitter account Total Conquest will arrive for iOS devices and Android both later this month. They’ve been promising simultaneous releases, so it’ll likely hit both platforms on the same day. We’ll update when we have an exact date for you all to head to the Play Store.

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