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Apps are without doubt one of the core features that helped Google and Apple gain traction in the mobile phone market so quickly. When you browse the Android store nowadays, you get a selection of hundreds of thousands of applications for all kinds of purposes, from gaming to better navigation, social networking or Internet browsing.
While that is great, there is always the danger that apps may load malicious contents on the device. While they are checked by Google before they are published in the official store, it does not protect against malicious apps 100%. Plus, Android users can download and install apps from third party sources as well.
It may sometimes be necessary to install an app from a third party source, for instance if Google does not allow apps of its kind in the official store.
The Virustotal application for Android has been created by the makers of the popular online virus scanning service. What makes Virustotal great is that it scans files using about 40 different antivirus engines. The idea here is that malicious code can be identified better if multiple engines are used.

Virustotal for Android

That’s exactly what the Virustotal app for Android offers, but instead of providing you with the means to scan individual apk files or other files that you have stored on your Android device, it scans all installed apps automatically on start.
virustotal for android
The scan itself may take some time depending on how many apps are installed on the device at that time.  Note that the app will compute hashes and compare them to the Virustotal database, and that both user apps and system apps are scanned by it.
The results are divided into two tabs that you can switch between, with the user apps listing displayed to you by default. Each app is listed with its name and icon, and a rating. A green rating indicates that nothing malicious has been found during a scan, while red means that at least one of the scanners picked up a malicious signature.
This can be a false positive of course, and the likelihood that this is the case is rather large if only one or two of the scanners picked something up while the remaining 40 did not.
You can tap on any application listed here to display detailed scan information. This screen is divided into two tabs as well. The first highlights how many scanners have identified the application as potentially malicious, while the second displays the list of scanners and their findings individually.
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