Galaxy Note III specs and list of pre installed app list leaked

Concept design based on combined leaks by Stellist Design

Yet another spec list, AnTuTu score and About Phone screenshots and a list of preinstalled apps for the Galaxy Note 3 were leaked Monday by famous tweeter @evleaks. If true, this and the absolute flood of renders, frontplate images and earlier spec leaks will leave very little to the imagination when Samsung’s “other” flagship is unveiled on Wednesday.
The leaked specs include a 2.3Ghz processor (no doubt a Snapdragon 800), a 1920×1080 display and 2.5 GB RAM. If 2.5 GB seems like an odd number to you, it might indicate the amount of RAM actually available for use by your apps, which would match with previous rumors pegging the RAM at 3GB. By way of comparison, my Droid DNA is listed as having 2GB RAM, but the available memory is always around 1.5GB. Update: @evleaks corroborated this with another tweet Tuesday morning.
Also among the leaks is are About Phone and AnTuTu app screenshots, showing Android 4.3 on board and a benchmark score of 24,497. As compered to two other Snapdragon 800 devices, British blog reports a score of 22,518 for the LG G2 (which was running pre-release firmware) and 29,732 for the Sony Xperia Ultra. All three devices feature 1080p displays.Android Authority reported an average score of 29,560 on the 10 tests they ran on the G2 (proving that there’s a big difference between pre-release and post-release firmware). Of course, we all know not to put too much faith in benchmarks, even when the Note 3′s Snapdragon 800 peers beat it out by an average of 5,000 on AnTuTu.
The other tweet from @evleaks includes a list of a whopping 276 preinstalled apk files on the Galaxy Note 3. Included among them is a “FingerprintService.apk” which could mean the device will come with a fingerprint scanner, contradicting earlier rumors that claim it will not. On the other hand, the mere presence of the app in the list doesn’t prove that there will be such a feature. Aside from the usual TouchWiz bloatware, the app list includes basic system apps like SystemUI.apk and UserDictionaryProvider.apk.
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