New Lighter, Thinner PlayStation Vita with more battery life coming October 10th

New PlayStation Vita in colors announced, more details coming at TGS 2013
If it's big enough for a live broadcast (with English translation), it's going to be good, right? Sony has announced a new version of its PS Vita, just weeks after announcing a price-drop across both the US and Europe. (Japan was treated to the discount back in February.) It's 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner and will add an additional hour of life to the battery. The new (WiFi-only) Vita will land in Japan first, on October 10th priced at 18,980 yen. Other hardware improvements include there's now a micro-USB charger (like your smartphone) and 1GB of onboard storage. Interestingly, the screen tech has been changed to LCD from OLED -- but we'll have to see it in the flesh before we jump to conclusions. To augment that new built-in storage, Sony's cut the prices of its own memory cards too: from 4GB to 32GB, they've been reduced to 1,554 yen and 6,804 yen, respectively. Sony's press conference continues, but we're hoping to get to test the device later on. Wish us luck.
New PlayStation Vita coming October 10th lighter, thinner, more battery life