What Is CynogenMod Upto??

cyanogen thumbWe've known thatsomething's up at CyanogenMod for a while, and now the cat is formally out of the bag. Today Steve Kondik and other prominent contributors to the CyanogenMod family of ROMs, along with investors and new hires, announced the formation of Cyanogen Inc. The new company first aims to make the CyanogenMod ROM more stable, more widely available, and easier to install on more devices. Investor Mitch Lasky is reporting that the company has secured $7 million in startup capital, and has at least one hardware partnership in the works.
Cyanogen Inc.'s website is Cyngn.com, which was previously teased. The company is employing fifteen people, including Kondik, Koushik Dutta, Ricardo Cerqueira, Dobie Wollert, and other highly visible members of the ROM development team. Kirt McMaster, a co-founder of Boost Mobile and a former manager at Sony of America, Sega, and Spike TV, among others, is the company's CEO. Cyanogen Inc. is currently hiring engineers and designers. McMaster was the one who approached Kondik to start the company and expand the platform in late 2012, and Cyanogen was officially incorporated in April.