10 Must have apps for your Windows Phone

10 Must-Have Windows Phone Apps
Much has been made of the lack of apps for Windows Phone: We hope to dispel that myth. At this point, you can engage in any mobile activity on Microsoft's platform—gaming, texting, watching video—you name it, using any of more than 175,000 apps in the Windows Phone store. Of course, another ace in the hole for Windows Phone is what it comes preloaded with bona fide Microsoft Office$85.94 at Discount Mountain.
Other extremely useful Windows Phone apps that come bundled with the OS by default go beyond the Office suite: You get well-designed email, news, photo, and music apps. And depending on your phone hardware maker, you're likely to get more—particularly with Nokia phones.
For a while, Windows Phone did lag in app choice, especially when it came to top-tier hits. This still holds true for some apps that are popular on iOS, such as Vine, Flipboard, and MLB At Bat. The good news is that these top-tier apps are arriving on the Windows Phone platform all the time, largely thanks to Nokia's influence. The phone maker announced thatVine, Flipboard, and Path apps would soon be coming to the platform.
But there are already a lot more top-tier apps available for Microsoft's mobile OS. It's gotten to the point where the lack of apps is less and less of a reason not to make the platform switch.
And there are actually good reasons to make the switch, apart from app issue. You may want the phone with the best camera available—the just-announced Nokia Lumia 1020$149.99 at Amazon, a sleek HTC 8X, or want an affordable but powerful smart phone like the Samsung ATIV Odyssey.
Besides distinguished hardware, the Windows Phone platform offers advantages, too. One of my favorites is that you can install an app directly from the Windows Phone store website—without even touching the phone, the app will be installed. Others include lock-screen notifications, informative live tiles on the home screen, family "rooms" for private communicating, and tap-to-send sharing that uses NFC technology.
Whatever your reason for choosing Windows Phone as your mobile operating system, you need to check out our top app picks here—they'll make you like your phone choice even more.