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Run Android Apps on PC Windroy
Just a few years ago, no one knew that Android will become such a well regarded mobile operating system among consumers. The ground breaking software, which now powers millions of smartphones and tablets around the globe, is one of the most lucrative work ever come out of Google’s camp.
If you haven’t yet played around with Android on a device that natively supports it, fortunately, there’s a great program now that let you test drive it on your Windows machine. The software is called Windroy and is fairly powerful to run Android apps on PC as native applications as well as handle all Android features. Read on to find how it works.

Windroy – The Simplest Solution To Run Android Apps On PC

Running Android on a notebook or desktop isn’t a novel concept. You will find a handful of emulators and virtual machines that enable you to boot Android on a PC in one way or another. But what makes Windroy different from its competitors is its ease of use. The application provides one click process jumping from Windows to a full-fledged Android environment. Supporting Windows XP, 7 and 8 out of the box, it allows you to not only execute Android apps on Windows but also use every other component of the operating system. As of this writing, Windroy lets you run Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Run Android Apps On PC With Windroy
When executed, Windroy presents a command prompt window that loads the required components then boots up Android in full screen mode. You’re then introduced with a familiar lock screen that was first seen in ICS Android 4.0. If you don’t have a touchscreen enabled device or a computer, such as Surface Pro, Windroy lets you use your mouse to navigate the interface. In other words, everything that can be done on a native Android device can be done in Windroy.
From web browsers, music players, games, eBook readers to Angry Birds, everything works smooth and steady. One of the most interesting thing about Windroy is that it has exactly the same user experience as found in the stock Android, which means you won’t have to deal with any Touchwiz or HTC Sense-like skins and nor any bloatware. You can easily swipe through the home screens and hop onto the app drawer or notification panel whenever needed.
The app drawer, of course, also sports the same looks as vanilla Android user experience. The status bar is present at the bottom. Within the app drawer, you can easily navigate between apps and widgets and place your desired ones on the home screen for easy access.
During testing, I tried giving the search feature a go using the native on-screen keyboard of Android to type in a few things and hit enter, and to no surprise it worked just it’s supposed to. So was the build-in web browser which did a great job rendering web pages within seconds.
Right now Windroy doesn’t let you run Google Play Store to download apps due incompatibility issues. However, you can easily side-load apps by placing the APK files in Windroy\windroy_root\data\app folder, which in turn automatically installs Android apps and lets you execute them within Windroy.
SocketQ, the team behind Windroy, is currently working on Jelly Bean version, though there’s no information yet about when it might arrive. But even in its current state, Windroy is a great application that can easily handle many Android features and apps.
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Windroy is completely free to use application that is compatible with Windows only. For questions and feedback, use the comments section below.