Gmail Log in page gets a new refreshed look

Google has quietly rolled out a new design for Gmail’s main log-in page on the Web.

Chances are, you may not have noticed this given that, well, you probably remain logged-in to Gmail for the most part. But the good folks at Zinx observed this refresh earlier today, and we’re seeing a few whispers of this rollout appear on Twitter too.

Now you’ll see the main log-in pane in the middle of the page, shifted from the right, and the first thing you’ll observe is the fresh look it’s been given…very reminiscent of the Gmail mobile app. But over and above this, it now saves all the log-in history, letting you simply enter the password to access a specific Gmail account. So if you log out, you’ll now see this when you attempt to log back in.

The last significant change to the Web-based log-in page was back in May, when it started promoting its mobile apps. Here’s what it looked like: