Google releases XE10 for Google Glass Explorers

google glass 2
Another month means another update from Google for its headset, Google Glass. Google continues to deliver on its promise, with the commitment of monthly updates, something I’ve already mentioned makes Glass Explorers (including myself) very happy. The announcement came today via the normal Google+ post on the Google Glass page.
This month’s update, XE10, was rumored to bring with it the first chance for developers to release native apps, or Glassware as its properly called, to Explorers for further testing and use.
Alas, the update is live and there’s not a mention of native apps in the release notes. In fact, the release notes are fairly short with only three items making the list.
First Android users who pair Glass to their device and run the MyGlass app will be happy to know they can now get transit directions when navigating the globe. In addition to that, users will now find the photos of those whom they are talking to in the background when composing a message, along with links sent in messages now being active.
That’s it for this update. Here’s looking forward to next month and XE11.