LG's 6 inch curved smartphone screen leaked

LG G Flex curved display smartphone rumor
Following last week's rumor that LG's cooking up a new 6-inch smartphone with a curved display known as the "G Flex," the South Korean company's display company has confirmed that production of screens for just such a device are already underway.
LG Display Co. today announced that it's kicking off mass production of the first flexible OLED panel meant for use in smartphones. The screen measures six inches in size and comes in a 0.44mm thick, which LG claims makes it the world's slimmest smartphone panel. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the display is its cuve, though, which goes from top to bottom with a radius of 700mm.
Despite the fact that LG Display is happy to talk up the features of its new flexible panel, one topic that it isn't speaking on is the name of any product that'll feature its new curvy screen. The company has only said that it plans to "take an early lead in the flexible display market by introducing new products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year." 
LG's display division may not be ready to talk about the rumored G Flex smartphone, but a source speaking to Reuters is. The tipster claims that LG is planning to launch a new smartphone using its 6-inch curved screen in November, backing up the report from last week. A sketch of the rumored device may look like is at the top of this post. The rest of this mystery device's spec sheet is still up in the air, but considering the size of the screen as well as its 700mm curvature, it'll definitely be interesting to see what kind of design and features LG decides to pair its new high-end display with.