Microsoft brings Hover to Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is at it again, this time to showcase the power of Internet Explorer 11. In a bit of a nostalgic twist, the company today brought the classic PC game Hover to the Web. Anyone can play the bumper cars-meets-capture the flag type game right from their browser and Microsoft has even added a multiplayer component to it.
Nearly 20 years ago, Hover first made its way to the PC on a Windows 95 CD-ROM. Now that people are moving beyond that form of media, Microsoft is bringing it back specifically for the Web and to tout IE11′s capabilities for game play and its support for modern web standards, such as WebGL, a JavaScript API used to render interactive 3D and 2D graphics all without needing a plug-in.
Multiplayer supports  8 different gamers, who enter once the lead has created and shared the URL.
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