More leaks on HTC One Max out!

HTC One Max Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leak
The HTC One Max has been nearly leaked to death at this point, and considering how many different angles we've seen the phone from and all of the details about it that's been revealed, I'm not sure how much new information HTC will have to share when it finally gets around to making the thing official. That said, I'm never one to shy away from early peeks at unannounced smartphones, and today we've got some more new images of the One Max in the wild to keeps us occupied until HTC's unveiling.
A batch of new HTC One Max photos have been posted to the ePrice forums that show the phone/tablet hybrid being sized up to some other flagship devices. One image features the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and One Max hanging out together, confirming that the HTC device sports a taller, narrower design than its fellow giganto-phone. The next two photos offer a comparison of the One Max and the original HTC One, which features a 4.7-inch screen. Finally, a fourth shot shows the One Max with its rear cover removed, giving us a clear look at the device's rumored fingerprint scanner and its SIM slot.
Despite the fact that the phone/tablet hybrid category of products has been growing at a pretty rapid pace lately, we've yet to see any truly large HTC hardware emerge. It appears that the One Max is set to change that, though, as its spec sheet is rumored to include a 5.9-inch 1080p display that's quite a bit bigger than the 4.7-inch One or 5-inch DROID DNA.
The One Max is expected to debut later in October, possibly as soon as next week, and a recent leak suggested that a launch on Verizon in the U.S. could be in the cards. Better get going on your deep-pocket pants shopping now, Verizon subscribers.