DOWNLOAD KRRISH 3 Game for android

Hungama and Gameshastra, in association with Filmkraft, have launched the game 'Krrish 3', based on the recently released Bollywood movie with the same title. The game is available for download in India on Windows Phone, Windows, iOS and Android for free.
Talking about Bollywood themed games, the mantra seems to have really worked for the Indian audience and Krrish 3 is certainly a notch up compared to other Bollywood movie themed games, especially in terms of visual presentation. It is an endless side scrolling runner that borrows its formula from the likes of Vector, centered around the increasingly popular art of free running. 
However, Krrish 3 is  a kind of experience you would not want to remember for long. No wonder endless runners have earned such a bad reputation, relying on in app purchases and predictable game mechanics to mint some money. Lets find out why
The game is set against the backdrop of Mumbai, where you don the role of Krrish, and as you run, you'll need to swipe at the right times to jump, accelerate and evade oncoming obstacles. It seems to draw inspiration from Vector, which is all about jumping, climbing and sliding in a continuous, fluid free run.The game challenges you to outrun an opponent while collecting crystals, similar to something we saw in Subway Surfer. You'll encounter a lot of hurdles and gaps that you'll need to jump across, water tower tanks that you'll need to slide under and guards that you need take down or evade oncoming bullets .
Hey Krrish!!! Catch me If you can
You have 3 avatars that you can play as - Krrish, Kaya and Frog Man, however, the character Kaal is only available for Windows devices. You gain experience points as you play the game, for instance taking down a guard will fetch you 40 XP, overtaking an opponent will get you 30 XP and more. You also earn points if an opponent drops out in the middle of the game, which happens quite often!.
With the experience points that you gain, you can level up and the amount of points that you need to collect with every level goes up. Levelling up will let you unlock more slots for your gadgets, power-ups allow you to speed up your character or slow down an opponent. There is only one slot available by default and to unlock the second you need to reach level 18. So, in total there are three slots over all and four gadgets to choose from.
You start off with shurikens that you can use against your opponent if he is a few meters ahead of you, which slows him down helping you narrow the gap. You also have a freeze mine that obviously as the name suggests, freezes you opponent for a while, along with a vortex - a portal that allows you to take your character forward by a couple of meters - exclusive to Windows devices only. Finally there is a force punch which comes in handy at times. With the help of crystals collected during the game, you can buy these gadgets and equip them in the slot depending on your preference.
The offline match is pretty difficult as your AI opponent always manages to get a headstart over you, however you need to get really used to the controls to catch up to your opponent and then deploy gadgets at the right time to get ahead of him. Sadly, the gameplay  doesn't do much to differentiate itself from other endless runners. It doesn't throw a lot at you that will keep you busy and like most endless runners, eventually loses its aura that gets wanting for more.
In a multiplayer match, you have an option of create a challenge or join one. In the quick match you are always up against someone at par with your skill levels acquired during the game. Multiplayer connectivity is really good, as you find opponents in about less than half a minute at max. This a pretty good indication of the fact that the game is quite popular in the country. However, there are a lot of ads that keep on popping up, which is something developers should definitely look into. There are also a lot of instances of lags and stutters during online play. For instance, at times during online gameplay, there are times when your opponent goes ahead of you in a matter of seconds,  then behind you then again ahead of you.
Secondly, you cannot access the in game store when you are not connected online, which is quite strange considering the fact that you can collect crystals while playing against bots too. Even the Google Play Store reviews aren't very encouraging, with users mostly complaining about lags and handset compatibility.   If we go by the amount of average crystals you earn on each run, the amount of money you earn on an average is surely going to test your patience, for which you have in-app purchases. If you are low on crystals and running out of patience which you eventually will, you can go for in-app purchases
There are three maps to choose - New City, Old City and Industrial Area - including two variants for each of them. Developers are also believed to be working on a new level which should be released soon. All levels appear nicely laid out and are challenging in their own ways.
The game relies on all touch based controls, and all you need to do is swipe your device's touch screen in either direction i.e left, right, up and down depending what the situation demands. I reviewed the game on an Android device, and the response from the avatar was pretty fluid except for a few swipes now and then that did not work as expected.
Yayy.. Got Him!!!
Krrish 3 isn't that interesting and doesn't offer anything unique in terms of gameplay, however the game does look presentable. The game probably will be able to market itself as a Hrithik Roshan game, which could possibly be the only way to get attention. If you enjoy being entertained by Hrithik Roshan in his Krrish avatar jumping around everywhere, you should check this out. The only reason it manages a score of 3 is because it will certainly appeal to a particular demographic.  Apart from this, Krrish 3 doesn't have the elements that other popular endless runners have that would want you coming back for more.