Facebook update reveals UI improvements, APK available for download

Over the last few weeks, a new version of Facebook Messenger has been rolling out to users on both iOS and Android. As we mentioned when bringing you news of its release, Facebook really committed to overhauling the app, and what we ended up getting offered a new, cleaner look. It seems that may have just been the first volley, and a new leak reveals that this new look is spreading, and should soon be coming to the full Android Facebook app.
Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to check this out for yourself just yet; though an APK of this release is available (and you’ll find it through the source link if you’re curious), the flatter UI you’ll notice above appears to be an option configured by Facebook on the server end, leaving most of us (including users signed up to beta test) out of luck.
Even from these few pictures we have, though, it’s clear that a lot of reorganizing has been going on, and for all we know there could be even more changes in store before Facebook makes this release public. Of course, the big question is if this is all window dressing, or if the new look and layout really contribute to making the app more usable; for that, we’ll have to wait for the changes to go live.
Source: Android Police