Nexus 5 v/s iPhone 5 [DETAILED ANALYSIS ]

Google and Apple are the kings of their own markets.Where google is the top-notch giant of internet and owner of the most widely used operating system android.Whereas Apple is included in the top interest of tech-wizards.Both apple and google are ruling over the tech-market.One with it’s latest tech-gadgets and another with its worldwide most used and most popular operating system.However,with the launch of handsets like galaxy nexus and nexus 4,google has strengthened its presence in the tech-market in terms of specialisation in gadgets.Well,it’s a battle between two tech-giants iPhone 5 vs nexus 5.It’s a battle for glory.
Apple is known for its revolutionary iPhone series and iOS whereas google has been known all over for various things,nexus series smartphones are one of them 4 and iPhone 5 are both feature-rich smartphones.But it’s a fight,nexus 5 vs iPhone 5.Lets see who will take the crown away.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5,who will win?iphone 5 vs nexus 5

However,nexus 5 has not launched yet but it has capture the entire market with its upcoming high-end features.Whereas iPhone 5 has launched last year and still very 4 (predecessor of nexus 5) gave a great competition to the iPhone 5 with great features and a low price tag of $299.We have also analysed

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:Weird Similarity

However,We are discussing the prospects of nexus 5 vs iPhone 5.But still the brands google and apple have a simiilarity.Both these brands release almost one handset every year.Yes it is strange but true.iPhone 1st generation released in september 2007 and its successors in the succeeding years.However,nexus series first smartphone was nexus s which made its debut in december 2010.Recently launched smartphone by google was nexus 4 which shake the market with its high-end capabilities.

iphone 5 s nexus 5:Build Quality

Apple iPhone 5 features aluminium body with premium finish.The predecessors iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s were built on stainless steel body.So aluminium body was a major upgrade in iPhone 5.However,nexus 5 is expected to come in plastic body just like other smartphones.Google has a point to justify their build quality as nexus 4 was just priced $299 which was half of the price of iPhone 5 and any other smartphone present in the market.Even in plastic frame google was appreciated for giving good build quality.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:gorilla glass

iPhone 5 comes with gorilla glass 2 which is hard enough to protect the phone.But nexus 5 is a step ahead of iPhone 5 and expected to feature corning gorilla glass 3.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5: LTE Support

nexus 4 has disappointed many nexus obsessed users because of lack of LTE support.However,company justify this so as to keep the costs low.But nexus 5 lovers doesn’t have to face this will surely feature LTE support this time.
iPhone 5 alredy supports LTE 4g.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:processor

iPhone 5 runs on Apple A6 1.3 GHz dual core processor which was an upgrade over last A5 processor.Apple claims their new smartphone iPhone 5 is twice faster than iPhone 4s due to A6.
But nexus 5 is coming with the technology which we never 5 is rumored to have Qualcomm’s snapdragon 800(quad-core) processor cloaked at 2.3 GHz per core.Snapdragon 800 is the most advanced processor till 5 will be the first smartphone to feature 2.3 GHz processor.
iphone 5 vs nexus 5,it’s a battle of 1.3 GHz dual core vs 2.3 GHz quad-core.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:RAM

iPhone 5 runs on 1 gb RAM.Although,iPhone 5 has no complaints over it and it is also appreciated in the global tech market.But it seems google has plans to take its sensational phone to the next 5 is expected to come with a 4GB RAM.It has never been heard in the history of smartphones 5 is going to change the existing definition of an ideal smartphone.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:screen size

iPhone 5 has a 4 inch diagonal screen which was upgraded from 3.5 inch in iPhone 4s.But for last few years,it has been observed the increasing trend of big size smartphones replacing the old and small 4-4.5 inches smartphone.However,nexus 4 was 4.7 inches in screen size but nexus 5 is expected to feature a 5.0 or 5.2 inch screen.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:Display

iPhone 5 has 4 inch diagonal screen with aspect ratio 16:9.It has multi-touch display with LED backlit IPS +TFT LCD.The screen resolution of iPhone 5 is 640 × 1,136 with a pixel count of 326ppi.
While nexus 5 is expected to come with 5.2 inch OLED FULL HD display with a resolution of 1080×1920 FULL HD having a pixel density of 441+ 5 display is far far ahead of iPhone 5.Well,it’s a great news for nexus 5 lovers :)

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:Camera

A decent camera really makes a true sense in a smartphone.That’s why iPhone 5 comes with 8 MP back-side illuminated sensor rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera which is a real deal.A review from phonearena proves that iPhone 5 can deliver better picture quality than galaxy s4.
nexus 5 is expected to be packed with exotic features regarding camera.Google has already promised to feature insanely gret cameras.To keep their commitment it is assumed that nexus 5 will have a top of the line 5 camera is said to be the most advanced camera ever installed in a smartphone.
  • 16 MP Omnivision rear camera and 2.1 MP front camera with Nikon is going to change the old trend of photography in smartphones.
  • world’s first camera with GPS assist technology.
  • 4k 1080p UltraHD video recording.never featured in any smartphone 5 is the first.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:Video Recording

However this section was supposed cover under camera section above.But some High-end features of this section has its own importance.iPhone 5 records FULL HD 1080p videos with its rear camera and 720p videos @30fps with its front camera.
But nexus 5 going to take you to the next level of video recording,no smartphone has featured UltraHD videos ever.UltraHD is a resolution 4 times 1080p.That sounds unrealistic for a smartphone but fortunately it’s 5 will be able to record 4k 1080p videos @60fps and 1080p videos @30fps with rear camera and 1080p FULL HD videos with its 2.1 MP front camera.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:Battery

When you are using high-end smartphone which are one point hub of everything from gaming,internet to the top of the line photography.Then it really needs a huge amount of power.iPhone 5 has 1440 mAh battery which is not relevant for a smartphone who runs for winning the ground.
However,nexus 5 has really such high-end features that even it is going to make a big jump over its predeccesor.Yes,nexus 5 is said to have a 3300 mAh huge monster battery.Don’t worry,the last sentence justifies power not size :) .It means you don’t need to worry about the battery backup.Google has already planned a pleasant way for you.

iphone 5 vs nexus 5:OSandroid vs ios

Operating system is the true battle between iPhone 5 and nexus 5.Iphone 5 has the latest version of iOS which is recently updated i.e iOS 6.While nexus 5 will have android Key Lime Pie which is expected to release in october 2013.
Both of these OS are very popular among users and they carry good user interface as well.Some thinks android is better in terms of useful third party keyboard support,multi window option,file sharing etc.while other thinks apple’s iOS performs well as compared to android.While this a fact that most of the high-end apps on apple store are paid whereas you can browse a large no. of quality apps in google play store for free.


Iphone 5 priced around $600.After the announcement of Iphone 5 release date in september 2012,Apple record 2 million pre-order and 5 million gadgets were sold with in three days after its launch.Well,this figure is able to express Apple’s popularity among users.While google has also launched nexus 4 in november 2012 which was a big hit.However,data is not comparable to iPhone 5 due to many issues like production problems with LG.But the smartphone was able to take the crown away from iPhone 5 in terms of its performance with a low price tag of $299.
nexus 5 with high-end features like 4k 1080p UltraHD video recording,Nikon camera,4 gb RAM,2.3GHz processor seems that it is going to put load on your pocket.But iPhone 5 record breaking sale shows that money is not a factor for those who loves technology.
We have covered every aspect of iPhone 5 vs nexus 5.However,if something got missed,then you can use the comment section below :) .nexus 5 is the smartphone of 2013 and iPhone 5 is almost 1 year older than it.
But the real battle of nexus 5 is with iPhone 5s which is also expected to release this year in September.
We will very soon come with iphone 5s vs nexus 5 to help you decide better :) .Now,what do you think which one is better among iPhone ans nexus 5.Please give your feedback in the comment section below