Samsung galaxy S5: What to expect

Early Galaxy S5 rumors suggested that the device could come with a premium metal design, something that Samsung fans have clamored for for years. In fact, Samsung found itself having to defend its plastic Galaxy S4 design right around the time of its launch. Current Galaxy S5 rumors paint a more clouded picture of the Galaxy S5 design.
Samsung, like any company, plays around with prototypes before settling on a final design. The current rumor mill has suggested that the Galaxy S5 could have a metal design but that it also could come with a faux leather plastic design like the Galaxy S5 with a new Galaxy F series utilizing the metal design. The conflicting rumors likely have to do with the company tossing around several designs and plans.
So there are several different outcomes here, in our minds:
  • A Galaxy S5 with a metal design that eschews the removable back and microSD card slot.
  • A Galaxy S5 with a plastic design that keeps the microSD card slot and removable back.
  • A Galaxy S5 with a metal design that keeps the microSD card slot and removable back. We saw something similar with the Samsung Wave 3 and perhaps, Samsung could combine both worlds with the Galaxy S5.
Given how hard Samsung has worked to get the Galaxy S series on par with the likes of the iPhone, we have a hard time believing it’s going to ditch the Galaxy S series in favor of a brand new premium brand. This could confuse consumers who are just starting to make the Galaxy a household name. So we wouldn’t read into that too much just yet.
Metal Galaxy S5 concept.
Metal Galaxy S5 concept.

As far as how it might compare to the Nexus 5 design? Well, we expect the Galaxy S5 to be thin and lightweight, no matter the design, and for the overall material, plastic or metal, to be on par with the Nexus 5′s design.


Google’s Nexus 5 comes with a 5-inch 1080p display with 445 pixels-per-inch. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch 1080p display with 441 pixels-per-inch. Both offer fantastic quality content and are among the best screens on the market.
Nexus 5 both
There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen will be comparable to both of these displays. The only questions are, how big will the display be, and will it come with the same flexible Samsung Youm display that we saw emerge on Samsung’s Galaxy Round earlier this year.
Unfortunately, rumors about the Galaxy S5 display are scarce but we expect the device, at the very least, to boast a high-end 1080p display with a high PPI count, putting it on par with the Nexus 5′s display. At the very best, the screen could put the Nexus 5′s to shame. Whether that’s increased resolution, a flexible display or something else.

And because Samsung has signed a deal with Gorilla Glass maker Corning, we expect the Galaxy S5 display to be as well protected as the display found on the current Nexus smartphone.


So how about the rest of the specifications? Well, as expected, Google outfitted the Nexus 5 with some pretty powerful hardware. It includes a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, one of the very best chips on the market, 2GB of RAM an 8MP camera sensor with Optical Image Stabilization, and a 2,300 mAh battery that, as we’ve said before, cannot be replaced.
It also features 16GB or 32GB of storage space which again, is not expandable due to the Nexus 5′s design does not come equipped with a microSD card slot.
As for the Galaxy S5, pre-launch rumors have already all but confirmed its processor to be a next-generation chip, possibly of the Exynos 6 variety, that offers 64-bit support to users. 64-bit support, which is also found with the A7 processor inside the iPhone 5s, will deliver increased performance, particularly when it comes to gaming. The device could potentially be joined by a whopping 4GB of RAM, something that would make the Galaxy S5 one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.
Galaxy S5 camera rumors have firmed up and suggest a 16MP sensor with Samsung’s ISOCELL technology for better low light photography. We’ve heard that OIS may not be on board but this would be extremely shocking given that competitors like the LG G2 have it on board already. No word on how much storage it might have but we would expect there to be a 32GB model at the very least. Samsung recently phased out the 16GB Galaxy Note so we could see the same thing.
The point here is this. The Galaxy S5, premium flagship or not, should be outfitted with a ton of high-powered hardware. A new processor and camera are almost a given at this point and so we expect to see the Galaxy S5 compete at a high level.
Samsung also knows the importance of battery life, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 have solid batteries, so we could potentially see a larger battery inside the Galaxy S5. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy S5 featured better battery life than the Nexus 5. At worst, it should be on par.


The Nexus 5 is the first device to run Android 4.4 KitKat, Google’s brand new software. And for the moment, it’s the only device that will see the new launcher that came with the software. Google says that it will remain an exclusive for now and it’s possible that it will keep that exclusive forever.