Top 5 tablets for November

With so many questions day by day about viewers still considering an iPad Air or a Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 2, we know the ropes are complicated this holiday season if you’re out to get yourself a new tablet. 2013 has shown just how great technology can evolve in the mobile space, and there’s a lot to choose from. Some may agree that tablets have stagnated in their innovation, while others feel that you can only invent the wheel so many times.

Watch today’s Top 5 as we talk about our top picks for your next tablet during Fall 2013. It’s been a very innovative year for some companies, but a very slow one for others. This list was crafted as a consensus between all of our Pocketnow Staff, so hopefully you’ll get a perspective as to what device we’re all getting this season along with you. Just remember that this list only covers those devices launched after Spring of this year, as that’s another list we’d like to keep separate.

All devices on the list have their pros and cons, so make sure you share your thoughts and comments down bellow. What would your Top 5 be?