Nokia's Android phone

Nokia's return to the Android smartphone market has reportedly been confirmed by the emergence of a leaked photograph of a mystery handset.

The device outed by Evleaks is said to be in development under the codename of Normandy, running a forked version of the Google operating system similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire software.

Nokia is allegedly re-entering the Android market with the Normandy
© @evleaks
Nokia is allegedly re-entering the Android market

The phone's user interface will not resemble traditional Android but will be compatible with Google Play apps, according to The Verge.

Nokia is said to be targeting the lower end of the market with the Normandy, an area it already caters for with its Asha line of budget smartphones.

However, it is unclear whether Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia will impact on any Android-based ventures, given that Android is a competitor to Windows Phone 8.

The report claims that the Normandy will be released in 2014