Top 5 annoying things about your smart phone

Let’s face it, smartphones aren’t perfect. We’ve had numerous editorials talking about it, and we don’t think twice about pointing these imperfections out in our reviews. Surely in life nothing is perfect, but there are surely those companies that try harder, and those that don’t. There are companies that’ll charge you the same amount of money for lesser quality products than others, and there are those that would rather lose a premium in oder to sell you what you paid for.
Now that said, smartphones aren’t new. We’ve used them for over a decade, and it’s interesting to note that there are certain things that were problems a decade ago, and that are still a problem today. Watch today’s Top 5 as we cover some of the things that we feel that OEMs should try harder to fix. We’ve seen a burst of bigger smartphones, more powerful processors and higher-resolution displays, and still, some of these enhancements are not as essential to us as certain basics that have not been solved yet.
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