SmartSnap-A MUST HAVE app for android.

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SmartSnap is an amazing app for all the android devices. It makes the search for anything right from any foodstuff to latest news to anything else happening in the world very easy, convenient and hassle free.

Search for anything you want just by clicking the picture of it. The app has an in-built camera through which it takes the picture an gives you the search results within no time.

Check out the video below to get a clear idea of this amazing app.

So, this app simple makes your smart phone SMARTTER.
The features of this app are as follows:
SmartSnap is an Android application which works on OCR and Image Processing.
Click an image. Select a category. Get results. 
It's as simple as it sounds.

SmartSnap provides you with multiple features like 
1) Visual Search- Retrieve results within seconds of the object you've searched.
2) Visual Commerce- Search for any product online directly from the application
3) Document Capture- Convert an image into editable text and then into PDF.

To download SmartSnap CLICK HERE.